Rain Water Harvesting

Top Garden Trends for 2016 | Garden Design

Rain water is becoming more and more important and keeping it on site is an emerging trend. With changing weather patterns and the possibility of long tern drought having a ready supply of auxiliary water is critical in winter garden maintenance. Rain Water harvesting is a low cost alternative and easily installed. 

Nature, enhanced

Rugged boulders and weathered wood are everywhere, but many designers are playing with these natural elements to create something new.

Edible gardening

Edible gardening is becoming a bigger part of outdoor living spaces. I saw a patio table at a trade show with a built-in pocket at the center planted with lettuce and herbs. You can sit down for dinner and harvest your own fresh salad right off the table!

“Miniature fruit bushes are really catching on, with varieties like the “Colours this year will be more subdued and sophisticated. I’ve seen lots of earth tones such as taupe, gray, and forest green being used in fabrics, furnishings, and pots.” Stephanie Cohen, Collegeville

Still waters

Water is everywhere, gushing waterfalls and rushing streams tumbling over rocky outcrops. Ponds are tranquil, pools are still and water gurgles softly from bubblers and spouts. 

Plants take centre stage

Finally, gardens are all about plants again. Hardscaping elements – think giant boulders, cut stone patios and flagstone walkways – are playing a supporting role to the plants starring in beds and borders. Complex geometric patterns mix colourful perennials and annuals with dramatic grasses, lacy ferns and bold groundcovers.