Outdoor Lighting

The technology with LED lights has really changed . Though there is a bigger up front cost, there are long term energy savings, and the quality is getting better and better. LEDs are warmer colored and available in all kinds of systems. New technology enables the control for lighting schemes to be done on a smart phone controlling dimming, brightness, on/off controls.  It’s possible to use different schemes such as colored lights for a holiday theme such as Christmas or even birthday parties. What’s really interesting is to set lighting schemes using softer tones to highlight different plant materials, such as deepening the color of a cedar with blue/green colored lights.”

Top Garden Trends for 2016 | Garden DesignIMG_0379

Growth In Fire Pit Demand

Top Garden Trends for 2016 | Garden Design

There’s an increasing trend in fire pits of all kinds.  People are thinking of them differently, more as accents in the landscape. For example, they want a fire area combined separate from the braai area. They’re becoming transitional fire pits with customisation like round, rectangular, and portable designs.  Different materials and hardwoods are being integrated into the landscape as inlaid decks against natural gray concrete, or as horizontal panel fences being used as a screen. .  Cheri Stringer