All of us at GardenDesign, are committed to service excellence and follow a tried and tested process to ensure you get the garden of your dreams.

Stage 1 – Site Visit

We meet with you on site, to understand your ideas as well as the shapes and unique properties of your garden. We look at the landscape and slopes etc., the sun movements (Full sun, semi sun and shade areas) as well the best opportunities for the shrubs and trees. Just as important, are views from your home, because you do not always have to be in your garden to enjoy it.

Only when we have a full understanding of your dreams and aspirations for the garden do we proceed.

Stage 2 – Design and initial concepts presentation

After detailed measurements, we develop a design proposal. A drawing of the plan and some plant suggestions, as well as the location of any paths and other wet works suggested. We discuss all these ideas and agree on any alterations. We also provide a program or schedule of work to give you a timeframe. It is at this stage that a deposit is required.

Stage 3 – Detailed drawing and construction plan

We will present a final technical and detailed drawing, highlighting the type and location of the plants, and the development of any construction element, as well as the planned time frame.

Stage 4 – Signed Agreement and construction

On completion of a signed agreement, we start the construction and landscaping, followed by the planting of your dream garden.

Stage 5 – Completion 

On site review and sign off of project, followed by your opportunity to enjoy the perfect surroundings of your new garden, to relax in and revitalise your spirits.